“A city of well-connected, attractive green spaces, that offer safe opportunities for urban residents for active mobility and sports as well as for stress recovery, recreation and social contact, is likely to be more resilient to extreme environmental events... Such a city is also likely to have healthier citizens, reducing demands on health services and contributing to a stronger economy.”

- The WHO report "Urban Green Spaces and Health - A review of evidence" 2016

Many in our communities suffer from significant levels of avoidable ill-health; Obesity, Diabetes, Cancers, Stroke, Heart Disease, Anxiety, Depression, Stress and Dementia. The wider natural environment can contribute to the prevention and treatment of these conditions. 

Our environment, natural habitats and wildlife are under threat through Climate Change. Environmental conditions; increased temperature extremes, UV radiation and air pollution take an ongoing toll on our health.

Within the context of ‘Primary Prevention’, Parks and Green Spaces can contribute to the prevention and treatment of many avoidable conditions; promoting physical activity and mental wellbeing, and reducing the impacts of air pollution and other environmental impacts.  


Our Mission

At Health Parks our mission is to contribute to the creation of healthy communities, through evidence based assessments, to help create health promoting Parks and Green Spaces. Through the Parks for Health Toolkit, we enable you to make a difference.