MULTIPLE park analysis

Multiple Park Analysis: Where participants wish to use Parks and Green Spaces to address medical conditions across an area (e.g. City, Town, Borough or Ward), assessments can be carried out to identify the health status of Parks across that wider area. From the analysis of these results it is possible to ascertain the following:

  • The Health Status of each Park within each of the Primary Health Criteria (Community Initiatives, Accessibility, Mental Wellbeing, Physical Activity and Environment and Biodiversity)

  • The average and range in the health status of the Parks, within and across the community, and within each of the Health Criteria.

  • Strengths or weaknesses in provision, allowing consistent shortfalls to be addressed across Districts or Wards.

  • Interventions to support the prevention or treatment of particular medical conditions prevalent across the local population.

  • Associations between health status, and (for example) social factors; deprivation, medical conditions, health inequalities etc.

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