Where participants want to ascertain the health status of Parks across an area (e.g. City, Town, Ward or Community), assessments can be carried out, and results analysed to obtain an overview of the health status of Parks in that wider area. In addition to receiving a report for each Park, the analysis of these results provides an overview of the health status of Parks within each of the five health criteria; Community Initiatives, Accessibility, Mental Wellbeing, Physical Activity and Environment and Biodiversity. The analysis also indicates the average health status of the Parks across that area. It identifies Parks which lie above and below this average, both overall, and within each of the Health Criteria. From this it is possible to identify strengths and weaknesses in provision in certain districts or areas of deprivation. It is also possible to address shortfalls, and to target particular medical conditions prevalent in that local population. Further, the data makes it possible to explore associations between the health status of those Parks and other determinants of health; deprivation, prevalence of ill-health, pollution etc; opening up a completely new area of scientific study.

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