“Members (of our Friends of Ruskin Park) feel passionately about the blindingly obvious causative link between our health and the environment for the public park of this urban area”...”It’s quite a struggle to make consistent improvements. We want a more systematic and effective approach to deciding on priorities for the park and ensuring that they’re implemented.”
— Lucy Hadfield. Chair of Ruskin Park’s Friends Group. London Borough of Lambeth

Delivering Parks and Green Spaces for Health requires an objective, evidence based model. This must be independent, replicable, and user friendly. Based upon academic study, a detailed review of primary research, and drawing on experience and qualifications in Landscape Design and Public Health, the Parks for Health Toolkit places Parks and Green Spaces within the context of Public Health and Primary Prevention. It objectively assesses key landscape elements and activities, and interprets them within five Primary Health Criteria (Community Initiatives, Accessibility, Physical Activity, Mental Wellbeing and Environment and Biodiversity) and 17 Secondary Health Criteria. It forms the basis for detailed Assessments, and the creation of Park Health Strategies; the latter linking Parks to Public Health and Social Prescribing.  

The parks for health assessments

The Toolkit includes the following Assessments:

The Free Survey: This is a short survey with representative questions. It gives you a feel for the functionality of the system and how to fill out a questionnaire. Click here

The Full Assessments:

Audit: This identifies through charts and tables the proportion of elements within each of the health criteria which are (i) Present and satisfactory (ii) In need of improvement, and (iii) New opportunities. The Audit gives you a clear indication of the health status of your Park, and provides a sound basis for further assessment.

Appraisal Report: The Appraisal is a detailed assessment of the Park. It includes Charts, Tables and Lists of elements identifying:

  • The Current Health Status, Elements for Improvement and New Opportunities, linked to each of the five health criteria listed above.

  • Elements linked to medical conditions; allowing particular groups of conditions to be targeted.

  • Elements which are suitable for use within Social Prescribing

The bespoke Appraisal Report represents a practical aid to delivering Parks for Health; celebrating existing health assets, making practical improvements, and identifying new opportunities to improve your Park for the health and wellbeing of your community.

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The Green Space Health Framework and Park Health Strategies: See the next web page

Sample Reports can be accessed through the links below. The following Assessments are available:

The Parks for Health Toolkit is currently being updated


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