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The Parks for Health Initiative has been developed to deliver health promoting Parks and Green Spaces alongside places which protect wildlife, and enhance biodiversity. Based upon a detailed review of original research, and drawing on qualifications and experience in Public Health and Landscape Design, this offers evidence based online surveys which can be used to identify the health status of Parks and Green Spaces and identify practical interventions and health promotion initiatives. The surveys can be used on a wide range of Parks; be they Pocket Parks, Local Parks, Country Parks or Nature Reserves. We are proud to acknowledge the participation of Parks for London in the refining and testing of this Toolkit, along with Friends Groups and Local Authorities in its Beta Testing.

Within the Surveys, you are invited to answer a series of questions about the Park and its use. The questions are identified within five Primary Health Criteria; Community Initiatives, Accessibility, Mental Wellbeing, Physical Activity and Environmental Factors and Biodiversity. On submitting the completed questionnaire, the assessment model analyses your answers to provides you with a bespoke Health Assessment for your Park.

The following Surveys are available:

Parks for Health surveys

The Free Survey: Using a short survey with representative questions. It provides an indication of the current health status of your Park, and its potential for improvement. Click Here.

The Full Surveys: Audit, Evaluation and Appraisal. These are costed surveys each producing a detailed Assessment Report. Through a series of charts and tables these reports indicate, within the five Primary Health Criteria, (Community initiatives, Accessibility, Mental Health, Physical Activity and Environment and Biodiversity) and at increasing levels of detail, the current status of a Park, and elements for improvement and potential new interventions. At the most detailed level (Appraisal), in addition to listing interventions within the Primary Health Criteria, they identify improvements and new intervention within each of the following health categories: Obesity, Mental Ill-Health, Non-communicative Diseases and conditions related to Environmental Risk Factors. These Assessment Reports represent a practical aid to celebrating existing health assets, making practical improvements, and increasing opportunities to engage the community in health promoting activities. Click Here

Sample Reports can be accessed through the links below. The following Assessments are available:

Try the Free Survey and select the right assessment for you. Go To:

Free Survey & Parks for Health Toolkit

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