The parks for health assessment

The vision for the development of landscape based Health Assessment Models started in 2008, with a desire to create landscapes which were good for people, alongside those which protected valuable wildlife, and increased biodiversity.

The Parks for Health Assessment is an online survey which can also be accessed via an Apple or Android device. It can be applied across a range of types and scales of Parks and Green Spaces, from Pocket Parks to Country Parks and Nature Reserves.

Within the Model, you are invited to answer a series of questions about the Park and its use. The questions are identified within five Primary Health Criteria; Community Initiatives, Accessibility, Mental Wellbeing, Physical Activity and Environmental Factors. On submitting the completed questionnaire, the assessment model analyses your answers to provide you with a bespoke report of your Park. Helpful videos and Sample Reports can be accessed through the links below.

Depending upon the assessment selected, the reports include charts, tables, lists of improvements and new opportunities/interventions within each of the Key Health Criteria. Lists of elements are also identified, pertinent to avoidable medical conditions; Obesity, Non-communicative diseases, mental ill-health, and conditions caused by environmental risk factors.

Parks for Health Assessments

The Free Survey. With a reduced number of questions, the Free Survey provides an overview of the health status of your Park, and potential for improvement.

The Assessment Reports: Utilizing a wide range of questions within each of the health criteria these assessments identify the current health status, areas for improvement and new interventions; offering practical advise on how to improve your Park for the health of your local community.

The Audit provides charts and tables showing the current health status and potential for improvement.

The Evaluation adds to this; including lists of elements in need of improvement and how they relate to avoidable medical conditions.

The Strategy includes the above, and also identifies potential new opportunities and interventions within each of the Primary Health Criteria, and linked to the avoidable medical conditions.

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