“A lot of it’s common sense and a lot of it we know, but what the strategy report does is bring some specific expertise and objective analysis and statistics around a whole range of health data, which just helps guide us in terms of priorities and also provides a document that we can show to funders.
— Kevin Crook Assistant Director Environment London Borough of Lambeth

developing a parks AND GREEN SPACE HEALTH strategy

The Parks and Green Spaces Health Framework (below) sets Parks within Primary Prevention. It integrates the management and use of Parks with Public Health, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Social Prescribing, Planning, Environment, and Community Groups, to optimise the quality and use of Parks for the health of the local community.

Parks Health Strategy(s): The Parks Health Strategies identify opportunities for physical improvements, Health Promotion and Social Prescribing, and represent an integrated approach to delivering health promoting Parks and Green Spaces. The Parks Health Strategies can include the following:

  • They identify practical improvements, new interventions and health promotion within each of the health criteria.

  • They include a multi park data analysis based upon a detailed Appraisal of each Park.

  • They explore Health Profile, Policies and Strategies

  • They review Planning Policies and potential funding (S106 & Community Infrastructure Levy in England and Wales),

  • They identify opportunities for Social Prescribing.

  • They highlight associations between health status, and (for example) social factors; deprivation, medical conditions, health inequalities etc.

  • Landscape sketch plans and masterplans to demonstrate potential delivery of Health promoting Parks and Green Spaces

In addition:

  • The Strategy provides a vehicle to deliver public health interventions to address mental ill-health, physical inactivity and obesity, avoidable non-communicative diseases, and environmental risk factors.

  • It allows the use of integrated funding models to develop new and innovative approaches to the prevention and treatment of ill-health through the development and use of Parks and Open Spaces.

The following Strategies are available:

  • Single Park Health Strategies: Created for individual Parks to optimise the use of that Park by the local community.

  • Multiple Park Health Strategies: Where Council want to review the health status of Parks across a Borough, Ward or local community, in order to integrate Parks into a strategic approach for health and wellbeing.

  • Landscape Sketch Schemes, Masterplans and Activity Plans: Strategies can be supported by a series of plans. These interpret and apply the results of the assessments to individual parks and green spaces.

In January 2019, the UK Government committed £4.5 Billion a year for five years to Primary Prevention. Regional and local government have reflected this approach across many parts of the United Kingdom. With this backdrop, the Parks and Green Spaces Health Framework allows Parks to play their part in the delivery of Primary Prevention across the country.

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